Organic Family Farm

Farm to table

We are a multi-generational family farm established in 1885. We grow organic food that can go from our farm to your table. Everything goes through a rigorous process to make sure it’s up to standard.  Our mission: create food you don’t have to second guess feeding your family.  

What we grow

“Local, fresh, and always kind”…

“I started taking an interest in where my food was coming from over two years ago. I started appreciating how food was prepared and the impact it was having the environment. I wanted to get high quality meat and vegetables from a farm that was maintaining high quality. Finding Josie Farms has been an incredible experience for me and my family. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service.”
Jane smith

Farmed with care

Josie’s farm holds a high operation standard and operates under complete transparency with our products. We treat all crops with the best level of care. In short, we don’t sell products we wouldn’t be proud to serve our family.

Buying / pricing

All grown crops are organic and have a rigorous process before being sold to the public. Our prices are competitive with the local market. We want you to feel proud of the food you are feeding your family.

Food you can feel good about eating

Everything we farm is cared for with the end person in mind. It’s everything your body needs, and nothing it doesn’t. 



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